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Lipetsk Oblast

Galychya Mountain Nature Reserve

Заповедник «Галичья гора»
Сергей Белых
Заповедник «Галичья гора»
Сергей Белых
Заповедник «Галичья гора»
Заповедник «Галичья гора»
Заповедник «Галичья гора»

The reserve was founded in 1925. The principal attractions in this area are the peculiar cliffs of ancient Devon age limestone, cracked, ground by water and wind, and a home for ancient plants. The steppes of wild herbs and needle grass reach the very edges of the cliffs and impress with their variety of herbs and bushes.

In spring Galychya mountain is crowned with snow-white blossoms of brier, ground cherry, meadowsweet, pink splashes of wild almond, and golden walls of hag weed. The wild herbs of the steppe include many rare, incredibly colorful plants.

The reserve consists of six parts, scattered around the developed and plowed lands of Lipetsk oblast: the steep right bank of the Don river and Galigya mountain itself; the left bank, Morozova mountain, and areas with forest and steppe; the Bykova Sheya (Bull's Neck) steppe area; the Plyushchan forest area; and the Vorgol area, including the Voronov boulder in the valley of the Vorgol river.

In 1990, a breeding ground was established in the reserve by Peter Ivanovich Dudin. Its work is dedicated to breeding rare birds of prey enlisted in the Red Book. At the moment the reserve is inhabited by saker falcons, peregrine falcons, imperial eagles, golden eagles, and many others.

Thanks to the modern methods of breeding, the employees in the reserve manage to help each breeding pair have 2-3 times more babies than in the wild.  Every year when young falcons grow up a bit they are let free in places where they have historically lived. Due to a lack of funding, only 15-20 birds are let free annually.

Another important activity promoted by the reserve is the revival of the forgotten tradition of Russian falconry.

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