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Off-season vacations
Map of Russia

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Vacation on the off-season in Russia can be no less intense and interesting than traveling around the country on the hottest dates. The so-called low season has several valuable advantages and opens up wide opportunities for tourists.

No shortage of entertainment

Simferopol / Aleksandra Nikolaeva

It's not hot, but it's not too cold either — a comfortable temperature makes spring and autumn an ideal time to breathe in fresh air, improve your health, go fishing or devote yourself to active recreation. And you're going to spend time surrounded by amazing landscapes, which truly are a sight for sore eyes and also look great in the photo collection. In case of bad weather in the off-season, there are always numerous museums, cafes, restaurants and pubs, where you can comfortably hide from the rain with a cup of coffee or hot grog.

In addition, autumn is harvest time. Gastronomic and wine-making festivals where gourmets are introduced to local specialties are held throughout the country.

What to do in the offseason

Pros of the low season

Most of the Russian tourist destinations are essentially year-round, although many of them in shift focus in the off-season. For example, sanatoriums of the Black Sea coast put a focus on a health program, and so are mineral resorts in Russia. Sight-seeing destinations, such as the Golden Ring or St. Petersburg, are perfect for visiting in the early autumn and late spring.

Torzhok Gold Embroidery / Pavel Pelevin

In addition to traditional tours in popular cities, there are historical and ethnographic events where tourists are gladly introduced to folk crafts. Cities also prepare modern programs to attract the audience not only on the high season. For example, Ryazan has tours dedicated to local memes and St. Petersburg has Sherlock Holmes tours. There are school holidays in the off-season, so many entertainments, like cognitive or handicraft tours, are created with children in mind.

As there are generally not a lot of tourists even on the most popular destinations, a vacation will go without a fuss: no ticket lines, free tables in restaurants and a little bored, and therefore twice as attentive staff. In addition, tourists are attracted by discounts: prices for many services, including accommodation in hotels, decrease by 20-30% during the low season.


Any transport

River cruise / Shutterstock

It is almost never too cold or hot in the off-season, so traveling by nearly any type of transport is comfortable. In addition to the usual bus tours or independent travel by car, you can safely choose a river cruise — it's comfortable, beautiful and interesting. And if you love active rest, then spring and autumn are perfect for a hiking trip or a bike tour.

Tourist routes in Russia usually combine visits to unique historical and natural sites. Orthodox culture, pagan culture and traditions of small nations are often intertwined in a bizarre way, turning your tour into an exciting journey.


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