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The Chechen Republic

Chechnya is a land of contrasts reflected in the climate, nature, and even its people. Mountain passes, alpine meadows, endless steppe, beautiful waterfalls and dense forest, Lake Kezenoyam, the deepest lake in the North Caucasus, and the rapidly developing city of Grozny. The moderate climate makes the region a perfect place to visit all year round.

Chechen Republic
Александра Николаева
The Chechen Republic
Александра Николаева
The Chechen Republic

The capital of Chechnya was built as Grozny fortress in 1818 by Russian soldiers. The fortress was given the name Grozny, which means fearsome, terrible, or formidable in Russian, as this was considered to be the most dangerous place in the Northern Caucasus. There is nothing in Grozny to remind one of these terrible times, including the last two Chechen wars.

Grozny's main attraction and the pride of Chechnya is the Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque. It is also worth taking an evening walk along Grozny's main streets—Kadyrov Prospect and Putin Prospect. These central prospects are the heart of city life at any time of day.

Grozny has a rich cultural life: the National Museum of the Chechen Republic, the Lermontov Russian Drama Theater and the Nuradilov Drama Theater are open to visitors. The Center for Modern Art will impress fans of Art-House.

Chechnya is a region of mountains and lakes. You can visit the republic in any season because it is beautiful all year round. There is something for everyone to enjoy. You can take a peaceful trip to Lake Kezenoyam and stay in a comfortable resort, or get there by hitchhiking and staying overnight in a tent.

The mountains can save you from city heat in summer, while in winter they become a place where you can ride on a snowmobile or go skiing; just don't forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the blinding snow.

Chechnya's mountainous regions are also the history and memory of the people living in ancient towers built centuries ago. Cities of the Dead such as Khoy in the area of Lake Kezenoyam and Tsoi-Pede not far from Itum-Kali are of rich historical and cultural value.

You can't visit Chechnya without trying its national cuisine. One of the main dishes is zhizhig-galnysh, meat dumplings. Flat bread with curd cheese, chepalgsh or pumpkin, khingalsh and Chechen bread made using two pans. Meat is boiled, fried, or dried. Vegetables, fruit, berries, and herbs, including wild ones, are used in dishes and preserves.

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