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Первое упоминание о Сыктывкаре содержится в сотной из писцовой книги 1586 года

Ирина Корнеева
Министерство культуры, туризма и архивного дела Республики Коми

Syktyvkar, the capital of the Komi Republic, occupies about 152 square kilometers. The city was founded in 1780 on the site at the confluence of Sysola in Vychegda. People lived near modern Syktyvkar from ancient times: in the III-II millennium BC there were settlements in the area between the modern village of Ozel and the settlement of Sedkyrkeshch.

The history of Syktyvkar began in the 16th century, when resident population appeared here. The first mention of Syktyvkar is contained in the  cadastres of 1586: «The churchyard at the estuary of the Sysol River.»  There was a wooden church here, next to it — three courtyards of clergymen, and in «vrozni» (randomly) — six peasant households.

Since 1775 in Russia, the reform of local government began, and within its framework a new district — Ust-Sysolsky — was separated from the Yarensky district. On January 25 (February 5), 1780, the village of Ust-Sysol was transformed into the city of Ust-Sysolsk by the decree of Catherine II, which became a district center. On September 10 of the same year, in the house of the merchant Sukhanov, in the presence of the provincial officials from Vologda, a solemn «opening» of the new city took place. And less than a month later the emblem of Ust-Sysolsk with the image in the lower half of the bear lying in the den was established («as a sign that there are many such animals in the vicinity of this city «); in the upper half of the coat of arms was the coat of arms of the Vologda governorship. In 1733 the construction of a single-storey stone Pokrovskaya church, consecrated in 1740, began. In 1792, construction began on the second floor of the same building of the Spasskaya Church, sixteen years later it was consecrated.

The first educational institution appeared in the city in 1822 — it was a spiritual and parish school at the Trinity Cathedral. In 1872 Ust-Sysolskoye Spiritual School was opened. In October 1890 the school received a new stone two-story building, constructed on the project of the Vologda architect Fyodorov.

In 1897, Ust-Sysolsk ranked fourth in terms of population among the 12 cities of the Vologda province. Here  there were 924 households with the suburbs, 4464 people, another 523 people lived in the village of Slobodskoye.

In 1921, Ust-Sysolsk became the center of the Komi Autonomous Region. In 1924 the regional leadership proposed to rename Ust-Sysolsk to Vladimir Lenin, but this idea did not materialize. But on March 26, 1930 the city was renamed Syktyvkar («City on Sysol»). The local population had not previously used the official name, preferring to simply say «Kar» (city). Since December 5, 1936 Syktyvkar is the capital of the Komi ASSR (later — the Republic of Komi).

Of the city's attractions, it is worth mentioning first of all the St. Stephen's cathedral, the fire-tower, the museum of Olympic champion R. P.Smetanina, as well as the national gallery and the national museum of the Komi Republic.

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