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Kemerovo Oblast

Kemerovo Oblast is in Western Siberia, more than 4 hours by plane to the east of Moscow. The region is often called the Kuzbass, after one of the largest coal fields in the world. Kemerovo Oblast is not just a place for coal mining. It also has corners of untouched nature, like the Dinosaur Graveyard, the first Siberian rock art museum and one of Russia's main ski resorts—Sheregesh.

Kemerovo oblast. Ski resort "Sheregesh"
Павел Пелевин
Kemerovo oblast. The Nature Reserve "Kuznetskiy Alatau"
Kemerovo oblast. The Nature Reserve "Kuznetskiy Alatau"
Kemerovo oblast. Museum-reserve "Tomsk Pisanitsa"
Фотобанк Лори
Kemerovo oblast. Museum-reserve "Kuznetsk fortress"
Kemerovo oblast. Music festival GRELKA
Kemerovo oblast. Music festival GRELKA

About a third of the people living in Kemerovo work in heavy industry, including mining. The historic city is renowned for coal mining, which has been practiced here for more than 100 years, but it is now more well known for its chemical industry. You can see open-cut coal mines or go for a hike in the forest. The city has 126 cultural heritage sites. This includes monuments of architecture and town planning, monumental art, history and archeology.

Novokuznetsk is one of the most important industrial centers in Russia, it specializes in steel production, coal mining, industrial and civil engineering.  One of the most significant modern monuments in the city is the Boulevard of Heroes Memorial complex, which hosts an annual ceremony dedicated to Victory Day. The most important sculpture is the statue of Mayakovsky.

Mariinsk has long been renowned for its wooden carvings and is called an open-air museum. The local history museum describes in detail the nature, history, and people of Mariinsk. The Birch Bark Museum of Siberia, the only such type of museum, is also found here. The town's originality is complemented by the unique nature surrounding it: Archekas mountains; the beautiful Kiya River, which is the cleanest river in the Kuzbass and also has the most fish; Mariinsk taiga and an abundance of mushrooms and berries.

Kuznetsk Alatau is a state nature reserve in the south of Central Siberia. The reserve's mountain range covers about a third of Kemerovo Oblast.

The undoubted pride of the region is the first rock art museum in Siberia, Tomskaya Pisanitsa, which is a federal cultural heritage site. Here you can see masterpieces of primitive art. The earliest drawings are dated to the late Neolithic era, 3,000 to 4,000 years BC.

The Sheregesh ski resort is a unique-climate complex; it is the second-largest and the most popular ski resort in Russia, located in Gornaya Shoriya. You can take to the slopes in costumes or bikinis as part of the GrelkaFest, which has entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The Krasnaya Gorka museum reserve was set up on the territory of the former Kemerovo coal mine to preserve this unique monument to mining heritage. The museum's main exhibits reflect the history of the Kemerovo mine and the city of Kemerovo, as well as coal mining in Kuzbass.

Kuznetsk Fortress is the Voznesenskoe defense, stretching about a kilometer along the Voznesenskoe Mountains, part of the Stanovaya Griva, and towering above Kuznetsk District in the city of Novokuznetsk. As well as the fortress itself, there are many other historic and natural monuments, including a real waterfall in the narrow canyon next to the Kuznetsk Fortress Verkhotomsky redoubt.

The Shestakovsky archaeological complex can be found in Chebulinsky District. In total, 40 archaeological, 16 historical, and 5 architectural sites have been discovered. The nature reserve is home to the Dinosaur Graveyard. This contains the remains of dinosaurs, crocodiles, and turtles that lived about 130 million years ago, and they were discovered in 1953.

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