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Sverdlovsk Oblast

Sverdlovsk Oblast is the largest region in the Urals; it lies in the foothills of mountains stretching across the whole country from north to south. The Ural Mountains reveal the secrets of Pavel Bazhov's tales. Yekaterinburg is a city that gave birth to the Russian iron and steel industry. The popular Silver Ring of the Urals tourist route starts here. However, Sverdlovsk Oblast is not just home to iron and steel production, but also to exquisite folk crafts: Kasli iron sculpture, Tagil painting, and copper embossing.

Sverdlov Oblast

One of the most popular attraction for visitors is the Seven Wonders of Sverdlovsk Oblast. This is mostly associated with the Oleny Ruchy Nature Park. It is in the south west of Oblast in the lower reaches of the Serga River. Ancient human settlements and rock drawings have been found here.

The Verkhoturye Kremlin, built in 1698–1712 and the only stone Kremlin remaining in the Urals, is also very popular with tourists.

The museum of wooden architecture in Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha consists of unique buildings (huts, fire lookout towers and watchtowers) from the 17th–19th centuries. The famous Leaning Tower of Nevyansk, built in the early 18th century and with an incline of 1.8 meters, is one of the few leaning buildings in the world. Alapayevsk is famous for its Pyotr Tchaikovsky house-museum, where the composer's family lived from 1849 to 1852.

Sysert is home to a well-preserved estate that belonged to the parents of the writer Pavel Bazhov, who spent his youth here. Of course, visitors also come to Sverdlovsk Oblast to see places associated with the last Russian emperor Nicholas II and his family.

Sverdlovsk Oblast has some unique natural attractions: karst caves; mountains; rocks and cliffs along the Chusovaya, Tagil, and Neyva rivers; Peschanoye, Talkov Kamen, Baltym, Tavatuy, and Glukhoe lakes. Sverdlovsk Oblast is home to about 500 natural monuments.

Talkov Kamen is an unusually beautiful lake near Sysert, formed in the flooded and abandoned Talkov mine. Pavel Bazhov regularly visited this place to admire the sheer cliffs reflected in the transparent greenish mirror of the small lake. Maybe this is where he thought up his famous tales.

Many towns in Sverdlovsk Oblast are inextricably linked, historically and culturally, with the Russian colonization of the Urals and Western Siberia, and have been brought together in the Silver Ring of the Urals tourist route. The Silver Ring of the Urals tourist route begins in Yekaterinburg and passes through the towns of Nevyansk, Nizhny Tagil, Verkhoturye (and the village of Merkushino), Alapaevsk (through the villages of Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha and Koptelovo), Rezh, Irbit, and Kamensk-Uralsky. The tour of factory towns is interesting because, although they are all involved in mining, they are very different from each other. You can buy some unique souvenirs here.

Oblast's history museums house examples of arts and crafts: iron casting, embossed copper dishes, painted trays, etc. The historical and ethnographic museums are also interesting if you want to discover more about the life and traditions of the people of Sverdlovsk Oblast.

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