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Kostroma Oblast

The history of Kostroma is tightly entwined with the history of the Russian state—it is the home of the Godunov and Romanov dynasties and is where Ivan Susanin performed his great exploits. Ancient Russian architecture has been preserved in the towns of Kostroma, Galich, and Nerekhta. Kostroma is considered to be the Russian capital of jewelery, linen, and cheese. The Ipatievsky Monastery, the Andrei Tarkovsky Museum, Snegurochka's (snow maiden) wooden house, and even a monument to the dog Druzhok are all places loved by visitors.

Kostroma oblast. Memorial stone of the founding of the city of Kostroma
Департамент культуры Костромской области
Kostroma oblast. Church Of The Vladimir Mother Of God
Департамент культуры Костромской области

Kostroma Oblast is the home of Ivan Susanin and... Snegurochka, who was created by the playwright Alexander Ostrovsky who wrote most of his plays in Kostroma. However, it is probably most famous for the ancient city of Kostroma, which is part of Russia's Golden Ring. The region has lots of other ancient settlements: Galich and Nerekhta were first mentioned in 13th century chronicles.

The region shares with Ivanovo Oblast the honor of being the birthplace of Andrei Tarkovsky. This is because the great director was born in the village of Zavrazhye which, at the time of his birth belonged to Ivanovo industrial oblast, but is now part of Kostroma. The house where Andrei Tarkovsky was born now contains a historical and cultural museum dedicated to the director.

Kostroma Oblast is proud of its culinary traditions: dishes are made from Volga fish, for example smoked sturgeon from Volgorechensk. It is also worth trying golden cheese cakes from Pyshchug, egg drop soup from Soligalich, fried crucian carp from Chukhloma and crunchy milk-cup mushrooms from Parfenyev. The region's main brand is Kostroma linen which attract visitors from everywhere. The Krasnoselsky Yuvelirprom factory produces jewelery, including from fabric, which looks like metal lace.

There is something for everyone in Kostroma: you can feed young elk by hand in the Sumarokovsky Elk Farm, take part in dog sled races in Neysky district or go on an off-road rally through the magical wooden houses in Chukhlomsky region, create a toy in the toy factory in Nerekhtsky district, run the Makarevskaya Verstka in felt boots, catch pike in Galichsky Lake and quickly make soup from it and watch one of the best firework shows in Russia at the Silver Boat festival.

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