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Tambov Oblast

Tambov Oblast is famous for its Black Earth which gave history not only the Tambov wolf fr om the famous proverb – the Tambov wolf is your comrade – but also brands such as the legendary potato and Michurinsky apples. The composer Sergei Rachmaninoff worked for many years in the Tambov village of Ivanovka. Tambov is a region of complex historical events, romantic estates and open, kind people; a place wh ere you can fully get to know the mysterious Russian soul.

Tambov is often called the heart of Russia; The region is about 1,000 km from the Ural Mountains and the Baltic, Barents and Black Seas. It is a good place to visit at any time of year. Tambov Oblast has hot summers, real Russian winters, golden autumn with an excellent harvest of mushrooms and spring with its endless flooded fields. Every year since 2011, Tambov Oblast has been rated the most environmentally friendly region by the Russian public organization Green Patrol.

The region contains examples of almost all cultural heritage sites typical for Russia's central regions: archaeological monuments, from the Mesolithic to the late Middle Ages; 17th-century military monuments; wooden architecture; estates from the 18th to early 20th centuries; and historical monuments associated with notable leaders of the Russian state. Historical and architectural monuments have been preserved in Tambov, Michurinsk, Morshansk, Kirsanov, as well as an ancient cultural layer of archaeological value.

History has given Tambov several brands: tasty potato, Michurinsky apples, fragrant honey, Tambov ham and, of course, the Tambov wolf from the proverb – the Tambov wolf is your comrade. This is depicted on souvenirs – clay and glass toys, magnets, key chains, dishes and textiles. Visitors to Michurinsk can buy gastronomic souvenirs: apple nezhenka, apple jelly, puree, jam, juice, fruit mousse... The small town of Kotovsk is famous for pottery and tumbler dolls, while Rasskazovo is the Tambov capital of needlework and is famous for its woven and knitted goods, in particular socks.

For many years, the region has hosted events such as the Rachmaninoff International Music Festival, the Agapkin Brass Music Festival, the Michurinsky Apple Festival and the Rybakov Theater Festival. New events are also appearing:  the Chernozyom Rock Festival, the Forest Acoustics Festival, Rock on the Tsna, Cadet Symphony, etc. Old traditions of fairs and folk celebrations are being revived.

The Mobile Guide tourist information system delivers information on Tambov's sights for free to mobile devices. In the city, you will find signs indicating the main attractions and information boards with a map of the city and its sights. There are 14 special tourism signs on the region's roads indicating the Victory Route, allowing you to discover and search for interesting sights along the route. The route's information boards are provided in Russian and in English and you can obtain additional information through the QR codes on the signs.

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