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Tver Oblast

Tver Oblast is rich in picturesque natural landscapes—Lake Seliger with its many small islands, the source of the Volga River and Moscow Sea. The region is popular with people who enjoy water sports, fishing, and picking berries and mushrooms. Pilgrims visit the ancient Borisoglebsky Monastery, Nilov Monastery on Lake Seliger, and the Holy Assumption Monastery. The town of Torzhok is famous for its gold embroidery and is home to the only gold embroidery factory in Russia, while Kalyazin is renowned for its wonderful lace.

Tver oblast. Tver
Туристский информационный центр г. Тверь
Tver oblast. Tver
Туристский информационный центр г. Тверь
Tver oblast. The Church the image of Edessa and the Church of Boris and Gleb
Фото Владимира Крылова, Бориса Михайлова и Михаила Огородникова
Tver oblast. Nilova Pustyn
Tver oblast. Nilova Pustyn
Tver oblast. Kazan monastery
Наталия Зиганшина
Tver oblast. The Estate "Znamenskoye-Rayok"
Смирнова Любовь
Tver oblast. The Church Of The Nativity Of The Virgin
Александр Калион

Tver Oblast is an ancient Russian land with an abundance of historical, architectural, archaeological, and cultural sites. If you are more interested in the present than the past, then you will enjoy Tver Oblast's many festivals and celebrations. Torzhok is home to a national holy site, one of the most ancient Christian Orthodox monasteries in Russia—Borisoglebsky Monastery. Pilgrims visit Nilov Monastery in Ostashkovsky district and the Holy Assumption Monastery in the town of Staritsa.

Oblast hosts the largest Russian museum union—the Tver State United Museum, which has 32 branches: local history, literature, memorial, ethnographic and military museums in different parts of Tver Oblast; for example the Anna Akhmatova and Nikolai Gumilev Museum in Gradnitsy, the Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum in Tver and the Sergei Lemeshev Museum in the village of Staroe Knyazevo.

The Russian historical and ethnographic Museum opened in 1988 in Torzhok. It includes an ethnographic center, a hospice, the Novotorzhsky Kremlin interactive open-air complex, the House of Russia innovative museum, an exhibition hall, an atelier, etc. Unique outdoor festivals are held here: the Torzhok Blacksmith festival, the Pancake festival, and the Novotorzhsky Kremlin reenactment.

A memorial complex was founded in 2000 in the village of Mednoye in Kalininsky district, commemorating the victims of political repression.

If you are lucky, you may come across elves, gnomes, and other inhabitants of mythical worlds. This is because the region has been hosting role games for several years; themes are based on books, while everything else is dreamt up by the participants. You probably consider role games to be a leisure activity, but they also attract exclusively well-read young people. Hundreds of people come to take part in the games in Tver Oblast dressed as characters from books; they bring tents and create a unique carnival. Most of the role games in Tver Oblast take place at a site not far from Kulitskaya railway station.

Tver Oblast also organizes more traditional entertainment: Maslenitsa, Trinity Celebrations in the village of Vasilyovo, Vareniki Day in Berendeeva Hut, and other festivals bring together visitors from all over Oblast, other regions of Russia and abroad.

If you visit the Craft House in Kalyazin, you can take part in a masterclass on making the famous Kalyazin lace. There are permanent exhibitions with ancient items collected from Kalyazinsky district, including a collection of bobbin lace and pieces created by modern artisans.

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