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Chelyabinsk Oblast

Locals like to say that Chelyabinsk Oblast is treated kindly by both underground and heavenly gods. The famous Ural semi-precious stones are mined in this region: the underground treasures whose stories all Russians grow up with. Not that long ago, the region's capital was visited by a gift from the sky–a meteorite which was recorded by hundreds of cameras in the city. It can now be seen in a museum. As well as semi-precious stones, the Southern Ural Mountains are home to skiing resorts and national parks.

Chelyabinsk oblast. Chelyabinsk
Chelyabinsk oblast. Svyato-Simeonovsky Cathedral
Chelyabinsk oblast. Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Chelyabinsk oblast. The Chelyabinsk regional Museum
Челябинский краеведческий музей
Chelyabinsk oblast. National Park "Zyuratkul"
Фотобанк Лори
Chelyabinsk oblast. Eiffel tower replica in the village of Paris
Администрация Нагайбакского района
Chelyabinsk oblast. Sanctuary Big Allaki
Наш Урал
Chelyabinsk oblast. Natural-historical complex "Porogi"
Chelyabinsk oblast. National Park "Zyuratkul"
Шакиров Денис
Chelyabinsk oblast. National Park "Taganay"
Chelyabinsk oblast. Magnitogorsk
Павел Пелевин
Chelyabinsk oblast. Lake Turgoyak
Снова дома
Chelyabinsk oblast. Mountain Iremel
Информационный портал ОГО
Chelyabinsk oblast. Kyshtym
Администрация Кыштымского городского коруга

Chelyabinsk Oblast's rich natural, cultural, and historical heritage has encouraged the development of different types of tourism—from cultural and educational to sport and health.

There are many archaeological discoveries in Chelyabinsk Oblast, including the many Bronze Age human camps, Arkaim and the Country of Towns, Igantyevskaya and Kolokolnaya caves with ancient Palaeolithic drawings, megaliths on Vera Island, the famous Sikyaz-Tamaksky cave complex, the Kesene mausoleum complex, ancient petroglyphs on the Ufa, Ay, Yuryuzan, and Sim rivers.

In addition to Oblast's historical and cultural heritage, visitors are attracted by its nature and resorts. Oblast has more than 3,000 lakes with beach areas and a developed infrastructure. Tourists come here every year from all over Russia to enjoy the clean air, the untouched forests and the freshness of the mountain lakes in the famous Taganay and Zyuratkul national parks.

The reserves of mineral waters, including thermal and sapropelic mud, are the basis for health tourism.  In the forests, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and crystal lakes, you can find the federal resorts of Uvilda and Kisegach that use modern scientific methods combined with the therapeutic power of nature itself.

The South Ural Mountains offer many opportunities for lovers of outdoor activities: all-season hiking, caving, water tourism, scuba diving, and sailing. Thanks to its location, skiing is well developed in this region. Chelyabinsk Oblast is home to 15 skiing resorts, most of which work all year round.

Chelyabinsk Oblast holds major festivals that attract many visitors: The Russian Ilmensky Festival of Bard Songs and the Russian Bazhov Festival of Folk Art.

The Ilmensky Festival is the second largest bard song festival in Russia. The event brings together about 40,000 participants and spectators every year and is a national cultural event. This event combines an open-air bard song competition with concerts, sporting events, art classes, flash mobs, and environmental campaigns.

The Russian Bazhov Festival is the largest festival of traditional folk culture in the Ural region. The festival has 12 stages; there are competitions and performances by folk groups, a craft fair, and master classes on folk crafts and trades.

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