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The village of Zarubino is located on the isthmus of the Bay of whales, leading to the Zarubin Peninsula. From Zarubino to Vladivostok on the sea, 105 miles, and by land, around Peter the Great Bay - 220 kilometers. The distance to Khabarovsk - 827 km and the coast of South Primorye, nature in Zarubino is striking in its unique beauty. Zarubino is surrounded by unique natural landscapes and vegetation typical for various climatic zones.

There are many relict and rare species of plants inhabit a "red book" species of animals and birds.

The climate is moderate monsoon Zarubino. Winter here is quite harsh and snowy, spring is cool and long. Summers are long and warm, July and August, the average temperature reaches 18 °C -22 °C. in Summer there is about 70 % of the annual precipitation. Since the end of June the possible outputs of typhoons bearing heavy rainfall and storms. Autumn is usually warm, dry and Sunny. Comfortable swimming water temperature to 18-20°C is set only by the end of July and lasts until the end of September - mid-October.

Zarubino is located in the vicinity of natural and historical sights of the Primorsky Krai. The beauty and uniqueness of these places is amazing – such diversity and rare combination of southern and Northern species of vegetation not found anywhere else in the world, and visiting historical places gives you the opportunity to learn more about explorers of Primorye and about the heroic past of the region.


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