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Putyatin island is one of the most beautiful and most visited Islands in the Peter the Great Bay, 50 km from Vladivostok and 35 km from Nakhodka. Named after the Russian Admiral and statesman E. V. Putyatin. The length of the island 24 km from the island's Population is concentrated in the single village of the same name with the island.

The highest point of the island – mountain of the Elders, named in honor of the merchant Alexei Startsev, the illegitimate son of the Decembrist N.. Bestuzhev and adopted by a merchant Dmitry Startsev. Alexey Startsev arrived on the island in 1891 and founded the estate of "Native," and unprecedented (so far) diversified agriculture: a brick factory, breeding of English horses, vegetable growing, cattle breeding, the production of porcelain and even a special "putyatino" silk. The merchant died 30 Jun 1900. As claimed by the rumor, he didn't make the news that as a result of military actions during the boxer rebellion in China (Tianjin), died of his precious, unique in the world in the completeness of collection of objects of Buddhist worship, collected them for 40 years of his life in China.

Then he was gone Starzewska library of unique books. As it turned out, the book rarities still survived and were taken to the island of Putyatin after the death of Startseva. Estate successful host, turning to his efforts o Putyatin island-garden, after his death began to fade...

After the revolution on the island was organised on fur farms, and later fish-processing plant.

The island is famous for its unique places of nature. Among them, the Goose lake where you can watch the Lotus bloom. the underwater cave at Cape Shulepnikov Bay, Elephant, Rooster. Turtles received their name because of the cliffs, shaped like these animals. Bay Marble, so named due to the fact that its entire shore is covered with colored stones. On the island there is a spring with drinking water.

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