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Fountain of I.K. Aivazovskiy

Fountain of I.K. Aivazovskiy is located in Jubilee Park (Feodosiya). It was built in 1888. Feodosiya always lacked water, especially after the forest was cut down in the nearby mountains. It came to a point that in the dry summer of 1887, water was brought into the city in barrels by ships from Sevastopol. 

In the autumn of the same year Aivazovskiy decided to present his hometown with Subashskiy source located in the territory of his estate. From the laid water supply system made of cast iron pipes Feodosiya started to daily receive 50,000 buckets of clean drinking water. 

Fountain of I.K. Aivazovskiy, which became a landmark, was built under the project and at the expense of the artist. In 1993, reconstruction of the fountain was completed, and its jet silvers again. 

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