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An integrated natural monument (1947) in Simeiz raised to the rank of national importance (1984). Whimsical shape of the mountain justifies its name: if you look at it closely, you can really guess a “head” as if squatting to the shore, up the hill there is a curved 260-meter “back”, and then a “tail” of the giant cat. 

Other limestone cliffs, original in their shapes, are scattered near it: Diva paced into the sea, debris of Monk destroyed by a storm, Pan, Swan wing. Mythical tales and legends are related with some of them. 

On the slopes of the mountain there is a veritable museum of landforms: stone chaos alternates with grandiose peaks and towers, abundant karst potholes. 80-meter karst mine goes deep into the massif. 

And on top of this geological basis, relict woodland stretches like an emerald blanket. High juniper and strawberry tree, Crimean pine, butcher’s broom, cistus, pistachio listed in the Red Book grow in this natural botanical museum. 

Mount Cat is the only habitat in the Crimea of Fumana thymefolia. 16 species of local plants are listed in the Red Books. 

Literature: V.G. Yena. Protected landscapes of the Crimea. – Simferopol: Tavriya, 1989.


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