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Ai-Petri massif. Length is 630 m. Amplitude is 65 m (-45, +20). Area is 1140 sq. m. Volume is 11000 m3. Entrance height is about 350 m. Difficulty category is 2A. Type is horizontal. It is located on the southern slope of the spur of Ai-Petri massif separating basins Skelskaya and Baydarskaya. 

The entrance is a 30-meter steeply inclined siphon channel leading to a corrosion-gravity cavity formed at the disclosure of tectonic disturbance. 

The lower part of the cavity is filled with block-detrital material for almost 60 m, where there are several narrow passages leading to the upper part. It consists of several halls separated with drips. Narrow passages in boulder piles first, and then in native limestone lead to a fissure-siphon system located under basin Skelskaya. 

The cave lies in the thick-layer Upper Jurassic limestone. In the low water level of lifting water is set at a depth of 45 meters from the entrance. 

There are several lakes with a depth of up to 30 m here. In the flood period water level rises, and in case of spring rains combined with snow melting, water comes pouring out of the cave. In the upper part there are rich sinter deposits (columns); in the lower and middle parts there are sorted mechanical water sediments (gravel, sand, clay). 

The cave has rich variety of vertebrates of Holocene age and plentiful speleofauna. The cave was opened in 1904 by the teacher of a local school F.Kirillov. It was studied in detail by the Integrated karst expedition in 1960.

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