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Marble Cave is a unique cave equipped for visits. In 1987, on the north-western slope of massif Chatyrdag cavers from Simferopol discovered and explored the unique karst cave – Marble Cave. 

Discovery of Marble Cave, unique in size, richness and variety of mineral deposits caused a sensation in the scientific, speleological and tourist community. In 1997, in order to improve tourists’ visits, a total reconstruction of the tour routes of Marble Cave and development and implementation of underground tour ways equipped with electronic remote control light was performed; arrangement of the route in the grand hall of Perestroika to one of the largest underground halls in the caves of the mountainous Crimea was completed. 

To date, the length of the tour routes in Marble Cave reaches more than 1.5 km and covers some of the most spectacular galleries of the cave. In the period from 1960 to 1987 various scientific and speleological organizations discovered and described 135 karst caves, wells and mines on Chatyrdag. 8 of them are major and 14 are significant. 

Marble Cave ranks first in length, area and volume, accounting for 60% of the total area and 40% of the total volume of all the caverns of the massif. The cave entrance is located at an absolute altitude of 918 m above sea level, on a gentle low-karsted watershed between hollow Chumnokh and its continuation of ravines Taz-Kora, on the one hand, and its right unnamed tributary – on the other. 

The cave lies in the Upper Jurassic thick-layer and medium-slab marble-like limestone, thus getting its name – Marble. Karst system of Marble Cave is a system of large galleries of general north-south strike, at depths of 10-80 m. The total length of explored passages is 2050 m, area – 21.7 thousand sq. m, volume – 125.2 thousand cu. m. 

Marble Cave consists of three major morphological elements: straight Main Gallery 725 m long, focused almost strictly along the formations of limestone, winding Lower Gallery 960 m long, forming a series of meanders stretching for 90-2600 m, and Tiger Gallery 390 m long, being as if a lateral tributary to these galleries and changing orientation from 15 to 2000 m. Halls in the cave formed at the partition of single galleries by drips and boulder piles. 

The cave abounds with fall-gravity water-mechanical secondary deposits of various types. Along with active sinter formations, the cave has ancient sinter forms such as sinter crusts of up to 1.5 m, which indicates that Marble Cave is one of the most ancient caverns of the mountainous Crimea.

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