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White Rock near Belogorsk

Hundred-meter cliff Ak-Kaya (“White Rock”) is a unique monument of nature, archeology and history of the Crimea. Over many decades, water, wind and sun sculpted bizarre ledges and caves, resembling towers and battlements, on the rock. 

White Rock stores many ancient stories. Here, a variety of sites of prehistoric man were discovered and studied. This is due to favorable natural conditions, a large number of different species of animals for hunting, the presence of cave tents – good natural shelters. 

A significant event occurred on Ak-Kaya in the period associated with the annexation of the Crimea to Russia. In 1777, headquarters of A.V. Suvorov were housed here. And on June 10, 1783 on a cliff top, Prince G.A. Potemkin took from the Crimean beys and murzas an oath of loyalty to the Russian state. 

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