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Kyz-Kermen and Tepe-Kermen

To the south-west of Chufut-Kale, where Mount Beshik-Tau (Mount-Cradle) towers, on a rocky cape there are the ruins of the “cave town” Kyz-Kermen (“Maiden’s Fortress”); to the east of it, on a small conical mountain, there are the remains of a feudal castle Tepe-Kermen (“Fortress on the top”) relating to the early Middle Ages. 

There are no cave structures on Kyz-Kermen, except for the cellars carved into the rock, over which homes were. But on Tepe-Kermen, despite its small size, there are up to three hundred artificial caves located in several tiers. 

On Tepe-Kermen there is a cave church of VIII-IX centuries with carved crosses, remnants of Greek inscriptions and tombs. Both the fortified town and the castle dominated Kachin valley, from where a road led to them. 

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