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Mount Mithridates rises above Kerch like a high dome. Two and a half thousand years ago there was the acropolis of the ancient Panticapaeum – capital of Bosporus. 

The mountain was encircled with walls; royal dwelling towered over it, stone churches were shining white. There were rich houses on the slopes. Construction area of about one hundred hectares went down to river Panticapaeum, current Melek-Chesme. 

Excavations are conducted on Mithridates for a long time. Of all the things studied by archaeologists, of particular interest are the remains of the prytaneum – public building of the first centuries of our era. 

Part of the archaeological finds is displayed in St. Petersburg – in Bosporus Hall of the Hermitage, the majority of them – in Kerch Historical and Archeological Museum. 

Literature: P.Ye. Garmash. Guide to the Crimea. – Simferopol, 1996.


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