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In the suburbs of Bakhchisaray (in the ancient times it was called Azis) several unique architectural monuments of the Middle Ages – dyurbe (mausoleums of the Crimean khans) – preserved. 

One of the most interesting constructions is Eski-Dyurbe (“Old Mausoleum”) erected much earlier than the Khan’s Palace – in XV century. The mausoleum is a cube in its form, blocked by a spherical dome, with a patio with a fountain adjacent fr om the south, wh ere one could sit alone, speaking mentally with the deceased. 

The building is monumental, created in good proportions; the stone work is skillfully executed. Bakhchisaray builders of the dyurbe were inspired by the forms of Eski-Dyurbe for a long time later. 

The builder of the Mausoleum – Bei-Yude-Sultan (XV century) made it in the form of a cube with beveled corners. The creator of the dyurbe of Akhmed-Bei (the beginning of XVI century) returns to the silhouette of Eski-Dyurbe, but without a patio. 

The mausoleums of Mukhammed-Bei and Mukhammed-Girei II (XVI-XVII centuries) are made in the form of a well-proportioned octahedron with niches and thin, projected semi-columns. 

Literature: Ye.V. Krikun. Architectural monuments of the Crimea. – Simferopol: Tavriya, 1977.

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