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Relatively small by today's standards, two-towered palace in the English style is one of the oldest buildings of its kind on the southern coast. It’s a little younger than Alupka Palace and is somewhat similar to it, apparently, in its "duplicity". 

Northern facade is strict, in the spirit of the English Neogothic, and the southern one is truly "southern", with spacious terraces covered with roses. 

Originally, the palace belonged to Prince A.N. Golitsyn, and the estate (adjacent to the palace park) was named after Tsar Alexander I - "Alexandria". Later the Countess Panina became its owner. 

It was she who in 1901 showed hospitality to the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, who, after having a severe disease, needed a vacation in the south. 

This South Coast estate with house, surrounded by cypress and palm trees, ivy and roses, was called "Yasnaya Polyana" in the memory of Leo Tolstoy. 

Now there is a children's health resort here. 

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