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Grotto Cave Kiik-Koba

Grotto Cave Kiik-Koba, a natural monument (1947), is located in the valley of the river Zuya, 8 km south of Zuya village. 

In 1924-1925 archaeologists discovered ancient cave of prehistoric man in the Crimea. There they found 500 flint tools, applied about 100 thousand years ago, a lot of fossil remains of extinct fauna of the Crimea. 

Among the animals that had lived at that time in the vicinity of the cave and been the subject of hunting, were mammoth, rhinoceros, cave hyena, cave bull, wild horse, giant deer, cave bear, wild boar, wild ass (dzhigetay). Kiik-Koba is a scientific object of global significance. 

References: Ena V.G. Protected landscapes of the Crimea. - Simferopol: Tavria, 1989.

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