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Reserved area (1980) on the Tarkhankut peninsula. Here, at Atlesha, over three kilometers of the southern Tarkhankut coast picturesque bays, spongy rocks, extensive grottoes, coastal niches and in some places - beautiful stone arches formed as a result of weathering and destruction of the sea swash. 

Here nature has created a small paleontological museum. An imprint of a fossil fish, whose length is longer than 1 m, and a colony of fossil oncolites - stone "tumors" - in the formation of which fossil algae were involved, were found here. 

The size of individual oval oncolites in this unique natural collection reach 45 cm in diameter. The shore near Atlesha can tell many stories to an attentive observer. 

References: Ena V.G. Protected landscapes of the Crimea. - Simferopol: Tavria, 1989.


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