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The road from Sudak to the New World is quite short. You won’t even notice 7 kilometers of road – and on the 73rd turn, at the foot of Mount Falcon, amazing, fantastic world will appear. 

It's really different, New World, by definition of the poet and artist Maximilian Voloshin - "tortuous and deep, like the inside of a shell". 

Mount Falcon (474 m above sea level) really resembles a huge bird with folded wings. Just like other rocks of the New World, this mountain was once a coral reef in the warm sea of the late Jurassic period. 

By the way, the Falcon is the largest fossil coral reef in the Crimea. If you're lucky, you can see a rare picture: powerful streams of water run downhill after heavy rains on the slopes of the Falcon. 

Several temporary waterfalls appear, each of which is 2-3 times higher than the famous 95-meter Wuchang-Su! 

The grounds at the foot of the Falcon are a kind of archaeological reserve. Monastery ruins of the Byzantine era (8th-13th cc.) are found in natural boundary Dimitraki. This monastery was mentioned by all Russian travelers of the late 18th century. 

The cave monastery (8th-10th cc.), situated on a cliff of a 100-meter vertical rock at the height of about 90 m above the sea level, is also Interesting. Two crosses carved on a rock, one above the other, preserved till this very day. 

The ruins of a settlement of the late 1st-5th centuries are found in thickets of juniper on the site between the Falcon and Eyas mountains. 

You will be particularly interested in hiking along the old Golitsyn road to the spring of St. Anastasia (in 2000 it was re-consecrated by priests of the Orthodox Church). A medieval Christian church (14th-15th cc.) once stood in the meadow close to the spring.

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