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Yauzlar Waterfall

The left tributary of the Wuchang-Su, the River Yauzlar, can boast two waterfalls - Lower and Upper Yauzlar. 

The height of fall of the water is low - up to 6 m. Near Lower Yauzlarom falling water gouged a gigantic chamber. 

During low water periods deepening niches in the rock are clearly visible in the lumen of these waterfall streams: at the bottom lie round stone nucleus that during floods continue to drill niches. Upper Yauzlar doesn’t dry up even in the hottest time, its waters cut deep gorge. 

Scenic rocks Isar, Taraktash, Stavri-Kai tower not far from the waterfalls. The noise of falling water, beautiful centuries-old pine forests, mountain air filled with the scent of resin, made this corner of nature famous and one of the most attractive places in the South Coast. 

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