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Gosudarstvennyy russkiy dramaticheskiy teatr imeni N.A.Bestuzheva

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In October 1928 Verkhneudinsk (now Ulan-Ude) visited the theatre with the name "Moscow mobile organizational synthetic theater of the International red Stadium and the Osoaviakhim of the USSR" (abbreviated Orgreater) under the leadership of E. P. Prosvetova. Orgreater went on tour to Vladivostok. In Vladivostoka to the theatre joined the Moscow artists of operetta. In December 1928 Orgreater returned to Verkhneudinsk, and gave a performance of A. Fajko "Man with briefcase" on December 22. Olteanu were invited to stay in Verkhneudinsk, and theatre accepted the offer.

The first artistic Director and Director of the theater was Eugene p. Gleams (1894-1958). The theater staged the musical comedies, interludes, skits, dance and sports sketches and scenes.

Orgreater organized in the people's Commissariat of the Republic of theatrical Studio, which in 1931 was transformed into the College of arts.

In 1932 the building that housed the theater burned down Moscow and the troupe left town. Head of entertainment events Alexander Miransky (1899-1955) in 1934 formed a new company under the leadership of chief Director Miloslavsky, I. P., and then brought from Moscow and Leningrad the second troupe of the theatre with the Director Alexey Efimovich Larionov.

The theatre has allocated a building on Lenin street. November 23, 1936 new theatre began the season with a performance of "the Aristocrats" N. Pogodin.

In 1972 the theater building on Lenin street burned down. The theatre moved into the building of the East-Siberian state Academy of culture and arts.

In 1991, the theatre received the name of the Decembrist Nikolai Alexandrovich Bestuzhev.

In 2000 it was decided to transfer the building of the former cinema "Friendship".


In April 2007, construction began on the new theatre building.

In July 2009, the theatre welcomed its first guests - the participants of the Baikal economic forum.

In August 2009 the theatre was visited by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

The construction of the theater will continue - it is planned to build three more of the technical building.


Theatre plays Soviet (V. Rozov, A. Arbuzov, K. Trenev, A. Korneichuk, Simonov, A. Stein, A. Sofronov, A. Dudarev, A. Vampilov, V. Shukshin), Russian classical drama (A. Ostrovsky, Gorky, N. Gogol, Tolstoy, A. Chekhov), world classics (Aristophanes, Lope de VEGA, M. kamoletti, Eduardo De Filippo, G. Figueiredo, etc.) and plays the Buryat authors (N. Baldano, S. Metelitsa, V. Minipov, I. Kalashnikov and S. Lovozero).

For kids set of 10 fairy tales.

In 1995, the theater created the Minor Academy of theatre arts for high school students of secondary schools. Set up the Club of lovers of the theatre", the theatre Museum.



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