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A. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

12, Volkhonka Str.

The A. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts was founded on 17(29) August 1898. This day laying of the foundation stone for the new, created for public funds, Museum of Fine Arts named after Emperor Alexander III in Moscow near the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour on Volkhonka street took place.

In 14 years, in May 1912, Museum was opened to the strains of solemn cantata especially composed for this event. Finally Museum was formed in the second half of 1920-1930th when art gallery appeared as a result of reallocation of the country museum funds. It united works of foreign artists from former Rumyantsev Museum, collections of S. Tretyakov, Yusupov, Shuvalov, G. Brokar, D. Shchukin and other collectors. The fundamental importance for paining gallery formation was given by the acquisitions from the State Hermitage which provided works of Boticelli, Rembrandt, Van Dake, Rubens, Poussin, Murilio and Kanaletto into Moscow. In 1932 the Fine Arts Museum was renamed into the State Museum of Fine Arts and in 1937 it obtained the name of A. Pushkin again.

Image of the Museum art gallery was finally defined in 1948 when it was replenished by the works of artists from collection of former Museum of New Western Art in Moscow. There were works of painting of E. Manet, K. Monet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, Sisley, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse, Marquet, Rouault, Picasso and others once bought by Russian collectors S. Shchukin and I. Morozov. Significant collection of original West European sculpture and applied art was formed as a part of art gallery. 

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