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Электротеатр "Станиславский"

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Other name of this theatre - Electrotheatre "Stanislavskiy".

On 16 March 1935 the Soviet government took a decision to create State Opera and Drama Studio of K.S.Stanislavsky. Leading actors ofMoscowArtTheatertook part in organization of its work – M.P.Lilina, O.L.Knipper-Chehova, I. M.Moskvin, V.I.Kachalov, L. M.Leonidov, M.N.Kedrov, N.A.Podgorny and others. On 1 October 1935 opening took place on the Small stage of MKhAT (Gorkogo streetnowadays –Tverskaya street). The new season was opened by a premiere of Presnyakov brothers` performance “7 days till the flood” in Vladimir Petrov's stage direction. Today Moscow Theater of Drama named after K.S.Stanislavsky is one of the most favorite theater sites ofMoscow.

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