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The oldest city in Nizhny Novgorod region, the Gorodets is located 70 km from Nizhny Novgorod, on the left Bank of the Volga.

Great story of a small town began in 1152, the founder of the city is Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. The city was founded as a fortress that protected the border of the Vladimir-Suzdalskogo Principality from the attacks of foreign invaders and to the Foundation of Nizhniy Novgorod, it remained the main stronghold of the Russian princes in the middle Volga region. Enemies repeatedly burned the city, after which he always revived.

The most important protection, both for city residents and for the Nizhny Novgorod Volga region was Gorodetsky earthen shaft. In the XIII century, the height of the shaft up to 15 metres. Today earthen wall overgrown with centuries-old pines, but the locals still care about its preservation.

In the XVII century, Gorodets was known as township village of Balakhna district. The local population was involved in wooden shipbuilding, derevoobrabotkathereafter, pottery and gold crafts. Today the work of the Gorodets craftsmen represented in the Museum and touristsom complex "City of masters".

By the end of the XIX century Gorodets turned into a typical provincial merchant town. About the merchant past of Gorodets reminiscent of cozy streets with beautiful houses, decorated with a deaf carving. Examples of hollow thread rather rare in Russia. Overwhelmed with emotion from this cozy beauty! These festively decorated house make Gorodets similar to gingerbread. Local residents can call in some degree poets of daily life. Their attitude to this life was expressed in the plots of Gorodets painting. This is the kind of naive art, which is present in the history of each country. Feature Gorodets subjects in a festive perception of the. The picture is simple in the extreme, but cause tenderness: tea party ladies with a gentleman, the conversation at the table, horseback riding, etc. Such Gorodets painting decorated the underground rebels, dishes, salt shakers, cutting boards, and so on.

In one of those merchant houses is the Museum of Samovars. This is the biggest collection of subjects of the Russian tea ceremony in Russia. Next door is another Museum — the Museum of Good. In the former house of the merchant Plekhanov, a collection of things of the old Russian life.

The city created the Museum quarter, which unites several museums in the historical center: the Gorodets Museum of regional studies, Museum of gingerbread (baked in Gorodets from the XVII century), Museum of history Zolotoy embroidery Museum, "the Countess Panina's House". The opening of museums has become an annual tradition for the Gorodetsky district.

Gorodets is known in the history of Russia as the place of death of Prince Alexander Nevsky. Spiritual heritage of Gorodets reflects the Fyodorovsky monastery, which became the last earthly refuge of the great Prince Alexander Nevsky.

Ancient Gorodets maintains and multiplies the crafts of his native land. You will want to come back again to again feel part of the great Russian culture.

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