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Monument to Alexander Pushkin on Tverskaya street

Pushkinskaya Square

Monument to Alexander Pushkin on Tverskaya Street (sculptor – A. Opekushin, Architect – V. Bogomolov) was originally opened on June 6, 1880 at the beginning of the Boulevard. In 1950 it was moved to a park on the site of Strastnoy monastery destroyed in Soviet times. The figure of Pushkin stands on a high pedestal, which symbolizes that the poet, his soul, his mind will always be revered as something sublime. Pedestal of the monument is beautiful - elegant steps, a little base going up, eighteen low granite pedestals around the base of the monument with a bronze wreath on each, and between them - cast garlands of laurel leaves. The sculpture looks very natural: the right arm is laid over the side of his coat; left hand gives a relaxed gesture behind his back, holding his hat. A little advanced forward left leg creates the illusion of slow motion, is if the poet is about to descend from the pedestal to come down to us. Today it is one of the most popular places in Moscow. Monument to Pushkin on Tverskaya Street is one of the famous symbols of the capital.

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