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Triumphal Arch

Pobedy square, Kutuzovsky Prospekt

The Triumphal Arch (architect – Joseph Bové, sculptors – I.T. Timofeev, I.P. Vitali) originally was erected in 1827-1834 inTverskaya Zastava square (near Belorussky Rail Terminal). It was reconstructed on November 6, 1968 at a new place – in Kutuzovsky Prospekt, in Pobedy square near Poklonnaya Gora and panorama museum “The Battle of Borodino”. The Triumphal Arch is decorated with the pairs of pillars2 metersin height, niches, where you can see the statues of Russian soldiers, and above them – high relieves, representing the scenes of expulsion of the French, liberation ofMoscowand others. There are victorious statues erected above the cornices. Above the Arch, there is a “Chariot of Glory” with six beautiful horses. The Triumphal Arch – is the main memorial of the Patriotic War of1812 inMoscow. It is visual incarnation of descendants’ memory of the heroes-winners.

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