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Stone Bridge (viaduct)

Stone Bridge (viaduct)

the Kaluga region, Kaluga, Bazhenova Street

This two hundred years old stone bridge over the far-flung, picturesque Berezuyskiy Gully is the only bridge in Russia built as Ancient Roman viaducts. It rests on 15 large masonry arches, 3 of which (in the centre) have two stories. The height of the bridge reaches 23 metres. There is a stone pyramid nearby as a border of Kaluga in XVII century.

This bridge was designed by a famous architect Pyotr Nikitin. Its construction lasted three years – from 1777 to 1780. It connected the central part of the town (the so-called “town part”) with “behind-the-top” behind the gully. The bridge is 112 metres long and about 8 metres wide.

The Berezuyskiy Gully, over which the Stone Bridge passes, is protected as a monument of nature and history, it conveys the outlines of an old Kaluga Kremlin. The Stone Bridge has served the city for more than 220 years, though it was not intended for transport load of modern times. It is crossed by a busy transport artery, a beautiful view opens up from the bridge to the Oka River.

In 2010, the Stone Bridge was fully renovated, slopes of the Berezuyskiy Gully are currently being improved.

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