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The City Park of Culture and Leisure is located in the heart of the city. This is the place, where Kaluga Fortress, Kaluga Wooden Kremlin, stood once. Therefore, a 700 years oak is one of the main sights of the park. It was a witness of the times, when impenetrable fortress walls stood in the place of an elegant fence.

The Trinity Cathedral is the architectural culmination of the park. In 1895, a walk of larches was created at the initiative of Governor Bulygin and a square was laid out and got a name Vladimirsky in honour of the Great Duke Vladimir Mikhailovich Romanov’s visit to Kaluga.

Green spaces specialist Alexander Chakanov noted special dendrologic value of the park. The Norway maple, silver spruce, Siberian firs, larches, the Weymouth pine growing here are 80-100 years old.

A fountain was built in the park in 1886. It was first decorated by a swan statue, but at the beginning of the XX century one of travellers from Kaluga brought a metal figure of a girl under umbrella in coloured enamel and gave it to the city as a gift. The statue was lost in years of the Great Patriotic War.

In 2010, the City Park of Culture and Leisure was renovated and reconstructed. An elegant fence resembling the Summer Garden’s fence in St Petersburg appeared here, as a girl under umbrella decorated the fountain again. A big wheel was installed in the middle of age-old trees, a viewing platform with a view of Oka and the right bank was improved.

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