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The Kaluga region Drama Theatre

The Kaluga region Drama Theatre is one of the six oldest Russian theatres. Its first appearance in our city dates back to 1777. The first Kaluga Theatre was located at Tulskaya Street, in the building donated by merchant Timofey Shemyakin. At the beginning of 1790’s the theatre was sold because of its ramshackle state. The new one was opened at the Haymarket Square (Square of Piece). The theatre building was made of wood, therefore it burned many times. The Kaluga Theatre was burned for the last time by Germans during occupation of Kaluga.

The modern Theatre Square with a magnificent building of the Drama Theatre is the most beautiful place in the city. On weekdays Kaluga inhabitants are attracted to this place by shadowy lime walkways, but on holidays folk festivals are organised at the Theatre Place.

The light and music fountain set, one of the most interesting sights of the Theatre Square, organises music shows for Kaluga inhabitants and guests of the city once a week. The fountains are decorated by sculptures of city birds, who wash in splashes of the fountain together with real birds. A monument to a playgoer, a girl in a light dress holding a sheet of paper with inscription “Do you have any spare ticket?”, have recently appeared in front of the theatre.

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