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Merchant Korobov Chambers

The mansion of merchant Korobov built in the XVII century was included into the list of rare monument of the past at the beginning of the XIX century. It has enfleshed with many legends in its long life. One of them connected it with the history of the time of troubles, the chambers have been called the “House of Marina Mniszech” for many years until students of local lore refuted this version. Another legend told that this ancient house must hide buried treasures, caches and underground routes. Therefore, when the house was abandoned at the end of XIX century, many adventurous treasure hunters severely damaged the house by raising floors, breaking stoves and walls. In 1897, Korobov Chambers housed a Gubernian historical museum, one of the first museums of local lore in Russia. Later the museum was moved to the mansion of merchant Zolotaryov.

Korobov Chambers is the oldest residential house of Kaluga. It was built in the style of Moscow Naryshkin Baroque.

Today Merchan Korobov Chambers house a branch of the Kaluga Museum of Local Lore. It proposes exhibitions, holidays, weekend classes for children.

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