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Makarov Chambers

In 1728, the “Kaluga dissenter” Nikofor Makarov built chambers on the brink of the Berezuyskiy Gully. Makarovs owned the building until the beginning of the XX century. The chambers are a monument of Kaluga civil (residential) architecture of the beginning of the XVIII century in the style of Early Baroque.

The main point of interest in this monument is that an order was used in civil architecture of Kaluga: façades are decorated with pilasters of the “Tuscan order”. Another peculiarity of this building is that all the four façades are different, making this monument resemble architecture of the XVII century. The building has reached us almost without reconstructions; decorative framing of windows of all the three floors are distorted. The external staircase to the second floor was added to the building in Soviet times.

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