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Launch vehicle “Vostok”

On the ground in front of the Museum of Cosmonautics there is an extremely important exhibit – an authentic rocket and space complex “Vostok” – it is not just its exact copy, but rather a backup rocket for Gagarin’s flight, it was standing on the Baikonur launch pad in 1961 and was prepared for launch in case of emergency. Although our rocket has not been to the outer space, it travelled across the entire world with exhibitions: it was demonstrated in the Le Bourget air show in Paris, in Rome, Turin, Bucharest, Budapest and Prague. Only after then, in summer 1973, the rocket was “registered” in Kaluga.

The total length of the rocket is 38 metres. In flight, its six engines developed aggregate staggered maximum useful capacity of 20 million horsepower. Such launch vehicles brought satellites Electron, Meteor, Kosmos and space ships Vostok to the low earth orbit.

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