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Ensemble of Public Places

Public Places, in other words the administrative centre of Kaluga was conceived by a famous architect Pyotr Nikitin and the first governor of Kaluga Mikhail Krechetnikov as an architectural ensemble combining all the administrative services of the gubernia. The construction of the ensemble started in 1780, and ended in 1809 by architect Ivan Yasnygin, also very famous by his architectural masterpieces. All the buildings were connected by arches with crossings.

The construction of the buildings cost then a vast deal of money – 200,000 roubles. The plan of Public Places follows the borders and outlines of the wooden Kaluga Kremlin, which preserved until the XVIII century.

The Public Places housed the governors administration, public assistance body, court of conscience, public meeting hall, part of spiritual and eparchial bodies. One of the buildings housed a military hospital in 1812. Today Public Places still house administrative services. Eastern corps currently house the Kaluga Seminary and residence of the Metropolitan Clemens of Kaluga and Borovsk.

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