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After serious restoration works, Kaluga inhabitants started to call the Teatralnaya Street “the Arbat of Kaluga” more and more often. This is one of few streets, which has preserved traits of architectural and historical Kaluga, at the same time shining stained-glass windows of many shops and cafés, parading lines of lanterns, colourful exhibitions of local artists give it modern loss pertaining to each capital of a region.

The walkway of the Teatralnaya Street has been decorated by a new sight – “Kilometre Zero” (earlier it was located almost one kilometre downstream the Teatralnaya Street, near the Central Post Office building). The sign was cast by Kaluga Transport Machinery Plant and was erected in 2009. The memorial sign was encircled by a reconstructed section of the XIX century’s pavement, which was found, when carrying out the works.

On 8 April 2011, a bronze sculpture of man (similar to Tsiolkovsky) with a bicycle was opened – it is a favourite place for Kaluga inhabitants and guests to take pictures. Authors of the project called this composition “Daydreaming about the skies”. The new monument may be touched, spin pedals of the bicycle and also sit in the saddle.

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