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Kaluga pine wood

Kaluga City Pine Wood is located in the western part of Kaluga between Yachenskoye Reservoir and Annenki residential district, and is a unique forested area. It is a southern version of a pine wood with some broad leaved trees. There are no similar natural formations in the entire territory of the South Taiga subzone of Russia. The total area of the Kaluga Pine Wood exceeds hectares. The age of the majority of trees reaches 180-200 years, but some of pines have been growing for about 300 years.

The rich history of the Kaluga region is related to this pine wood in many ways. The first mention of the Kaluga City Pine Wood in the chronicles goes back to 1626. It has been a natural barrier for enemies for many years. Traces of ancient settlements of Viatichi (XI-XIII century), the first inhabitants of the Kaluga region, were found here.

There are several small bogs in the territory of the pine wood. The most famous of them, sphagnous raised moss, is rich in cranberries and blueberries. Flora and fauna of the city pine wood is diverse. Over 500 plant species grow here, it is inhabited by squirrels, hairs, foxes, weasels, roes, wind pigs, elks and about sixty bird species.

In 1991, the Kaluga City Pine Wood was declared a natural monument of the Russian Federation.

A small museum is located in the territory of the pine wood. You can order a tour of the Kaluga City Pine Wood in the travel and information centre “the Kaluga Region”.

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