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Regional Art Museum

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Tours in Kaluga include the Regional Art Museum very rarely. At the same time, if we list sights of Kaluga, then the Regional Art Museum would be on one of the first places. It embraces both architectural and cultural spice of the city. The museum housing the artistic heritage of the Kaluga region is located in a magnificent merchant’s mansion built for a famous Kaluga merchant Bilibin at the beginning of the XIX century in the Empire style. The mansion ensemble and the internal finishing of the main building is extant without significant changes. The museum exposition is based on the collection of Kaluga doctor Nikanor Vasiliev, who has given his collection of artistic works to the city as a gift. Halls of the museum contain pictures of Levitzky, Savrasov, Shishkin, Vasnetsov, Surikov, Levitan and other famous painters.


The static exhibition of the museum displays pieces of Old Russian, Russian and East European art of the XVI-XX century.

The department of Old Russian art includes icons and samples of wooden polychrome sculpture from churches and cathedrals of Kaluga and the Kaluga region, which have a historical connection to the Kaluga region.

The collection of Russian art of the XVIII–XIX century consists of works of V.Fyodorov, M.T.Durnovo, V.A.Tropinin, A.N.Mokritsky, G.G.Tschernetsov, I.K.Aivazovsky, L.F.Lagorio, K.D.Flavitsky, A.M. Maksimov, A.K.Savrasov, I.I.Shishkin, etc. “Rossika” presents a special part of the artistic collections of the XVIII-XIX century: pieces of art of German, Austrian, English, French painters, who worked in Russia.

The art of the XX century is represented by works of painters, which were members of artistic associations “Union of Russian Painters”, “World of Art”, “Knave of Diamonds”, “Donkey’s Tail”.  

Graphic arts, including pieces of art of famous Flemish, Dutch, Italian, French, German and English masters of the XVI-XIX century, occupy a special place in the West European collection.

A peculiarity of the museum collection is the large corps of works of Kaluga painters: G.A.Volonyansky, V.N.Levandovsky, G.D.Abramov, T.A.Kalashnikov, etc., which make a sufficiently complete insight into the artistic life of Kaluga in the XX century.

Working hours of the museum: Tuesday – Sunday - from 10.00 to 18.00 (ticket counter until 17.30), Thursday – from 11.00 to 19.00. Monday – day off. Last Friday of the month – cleaning day.

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