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Unnumbered Hill Museum

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A song by composer Veniamin Basner and poet Mikhail Matusovsky “Na bezymyannoy visote” (On unnumbered hill) is devoted to the immortal deed of 18 Siberian warriors. The name of this song defined the name of the museum complex, which opened on 9 May 1980 and consists of a monument to fallen warriors, a dugout with three run-ups and a museum.


The exposition of the military and historical museum tells about liberation of the Kuybyshevsky district from German and fascist invaders. The liberation started on 1 September 1943 by troops of 49th, 10th and 50th army. Warriors of the Red Army liberated 52 populated areas, the enemy stubbornly resisted. On September 13, a small group of warriors – 18 volunteers, Siberian warriors commanded by junior lieutenant Y.I.  Poroshin, managed to break through enemy positions and take in a tactically significant position, height 224.1. Fascist commanders did not believe that such action could be performed by such number of Soviet soldiers, and threw several foot units, about 300 men in total, against them. Trying to hold the height, Siberians fought selflessly and destroyed over a hundred of Hitler’s warriors. They died game. These heroes were buried at the Unnumbered Hill near the road junction. Only two of them survived – Konstantin Vlasov and Gerasim Lapin.

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