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Museum of Tsvetaevs’ family

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The Tarusa Museum of Tsvetaevs’ family is a special memorable place, which is related to the name of the great Silver Age poet Marina Tsvetaeva. It was opened on 4 October 1992, the day before 100th anniversary of the poet. The museum is located in a restored, so-called “Tyo House”. The grandfather of Marina Tsvetaeva from mother’s side A.D. Mein bought this house in 1899. Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaeva lived in the “Tyo House”, when they visited Tarusa in winter in 1907 – 1910, but their father, professor, founder of the Museum of Fine Arts (now the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts) Ivan Tsvetaev – in 1903 – 1912.


The exposition of the museum presents materials, dedicated to Marina Tsvetaeva and all their family, which occupies a special place in our culture. Memorial exhibits of the museum include furniture from their Moscow house in Trehprudny Lane, where Marina was born, things, which belonged to her, her close people and relatives, Tarusa relatives and friends.

Working hours:

From 10:00 to 17:00. Monday – day off; last Friday of a month – cleaning day.

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