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House-museum of Tsiolkovsky

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The house-museum of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, great Russian scientist, pioneer of theoretical cosmonautics, is located on the skirts of Kaluga, not far from the Oka River. 29 years of scientist’s life are related to this house. He wrote dozens of important works on aeronautics, aviation, reactive movement, cosmonautics and other problems here. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky purchased this house in spring 1904. That time it was a one storey building with one living room. The house was seriously damaged during strong flood of 1908. The house had to be repaired. That time, a second floor was built, where a scientist’s work-room and a veranda with his workshop were created. In the last two years of his life Konstantin Eduardovich lived in house No.1 on Thiolkovskogo Street, which was given to the scientist by Kaluga City Council for his 75 years birthday. Tsiolkovsky died on 19 September 1935. A year later, on 19 September 1936 a museum was opened in his house.


The first exposition was of scientific and memorial nature. It told about the most important headings of scientist’s creativity. The museum stopped its work in autumn 1941, when Kaluga was occupied by fascists. German soldiers were accommodated in the house. Despite the fact that employees of the museum and relatives of the scientist managed to save part of the most valuable exhibits, the destruction of many memorial objects, books, photos has become a big loss. Repair and reconstruction works in the museum started immediately after liberation of Kaluga and very soon visitors crossed its threshold again.

Working hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Sunday – from 9.30 to 17.00, Wednesday – from 11.00 to 19.00. Monday – day off, last Friday of a month – cleaning day. Second Thursday of a month – free entrance to children under 18.

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