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Monument to Marina Tsvetaeva

The history of a small provincial town in the Kaluga region, Tarusa, is closely related to the history of the family of Tsvetaevs. The number of sights related to this surname allows us to call Tarusa the town of Marina Tsvetaeva.

A monument was erected in the Town Park of Tarusa on 13 October 2006, the day before birthday of Marina Tsvetaeva. Boris Messerer was an architect, and Vladimir Soskiev was a sculptor of this project. Poet Bella Akhmadulina was present at the opening of the monument, she read poetry by Marina Tsvetaeva. A rainbow appeared in the skies above Tarusa immediately after the opening of the monument. And this happened despite the fact that it was clear weather in the town. Many of those who gathered there thought that this was a special sign.

The monument is located in the town park on a high bank of Oka. A living sorb tree, a bright image in the works by Marina Tsvetaeva, is located near the figure of the poet.

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