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Museum of Georgy Zhukov

8 (48432) 56-400

The State museum of Georgy Zhukov was founded in 1960, in the period, when Marshal Zhukov was in disgrace. Countrymen of the commander build it to bring to life the concept of Kireev, author of the project, the museum has become one of the most interesting structures in our country in the last decades.


Its extended exhibits in halls of the museum demonstrate visitors the fullest of all the collections dedicated to the life and activities of Georgy Zhukov. Things donated by Zhokov personally have become the basis for the collection. Unique part of the depository: things and printed works of Georgy Zhukov; collection of photos of Georgy Zhukov, presents given to him, etc. The composite picture Fight for Berlin (painters Danilevsky, Sibirsky) is one of the most interesting elements of the museum complex.

Working hours: from 9.30 to 17.30, Monday – day off. Last Friday of the month – cleaning day.

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