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House-museum of Chizhevsky

House-museum of Alexander Chizhevsky the Kaluga region, Kaluga, Moskovskaya Street, 62. Phones: (4842) 56-11-39, 72-32-95
(4842) 56-11-39, 72-32-95

A prominent Soviet scientist, biophysicist, founder of aero-ionization, heliobiology and electrohematology, poet and painter Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky made his first steps in science in Kaluga. A museum was created in the house, where the Chizhevsky family lived from 1913 to 1929. The museum was opened after thorough reconstruction in February 2010.



The exposition in the House-museum of Chizhevsky gives an insight into the complicated life journey of the scientist, his diverse scientific activity, artistic and poetic works, recreates the true atmosphere, in which the scientist and his family lived. The equipped attic of the museum has a mini-observatory, where one can observe the Sun during the day and the starry sky in the evening using a modern telescope. Visitors have the possibility to learn about the “Chizhevsky’s luster” and its modern modifications. Tours are accompanied by projections of documentaries and scientific and popular films. Chizhevsky was an honorary and active member of more than 30 academies and scientific societies of Europe, America and Asia. In a special memorandum about his scientific works passed on the First Internationals Congress on Biophysics and Cosmology in September 1939 in New York, it was noted that: “the proceedings genius in idea, novelty, breadth, braveness of synthesis, and depth of analysis have put Professor Chijzhevsky at the head of the world and made him a real citizen of the world, because his proceedings are global commons of humanity”. The life and work of Alexander Chizhevsky is a good example of service to science and own country; an example for those who attempt to learn the world and master the best samples of the world culture.

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