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Museum in Tarutino

the Kaluga region, Zhukovsky District, Tarutino village Phone: (48432) 2-13-20
+7 (48432) 2-13-20

The famous Tarutino march-manoeuvre of the Russian army in October 1812 stopped the army of Napoleon from moving in the direction of Kaluga and rich southern gubernias of Russia. After this fierce battle, the Tarutino village has become famous.

In 1828, having received the “highest volition”, Duke Sergey Rumyantsev made his 2745 peasants in the villages belonging to him “free grain farmers”. In acknowledgement of their liberation the peasants for their own money (44 thousand roubles) using the design provided by Rumyantsev constructed a monument in Tarutino in honour of victories of the Patriotic War of 1812.

The Tarutino military and historical museum of the Patriotic War of 1812 was opened in 1962 on a pro-bono basis. The museum is located in the territory of the memorial complex combining a monument-fortification of 1812, a monument of Russian military honour (built for the money of peasants, opened in 1834), a communal grave of Soviet warriors, who died in October-December 1941. In 1969, the Tarutino museum has become a branch of the Kaluga Regional Museum of Local Lore.


The exhibit of the museum tells about the events of September-October 1812, when the Russian army, having made the Tarutino march-manoeuvre, made camp on the right bank of Nara, about preparations of the Russian army to drive out Napoleon’s troops from Russia, about the proposition of Napoleon to make peace (the talks took place in Tarutino). One of sections of the exhibit are devoted to the first offensive battle – battle of Tarutino, which took place on 18 October 1812.


Fortifications of the Tarutino camp (fleches, lunettes) have preserved until now.

In 1941, Soviet soldiers fought to the death on the Tarutino land, protecting their Homeland and the humanity from fascism. The memorial of 1941 – a tank of a pedestal – is a memory of the 53rd and the 17th rifle divisions.

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