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Museum-apartment of Tsiolkovsky

the Kaluga region, Borovsk, Tsiolkovskogo Street, 49 Phone: (48438) 4-39-99
(48438) 4-39-99

The Museum-apartment of Tsiolkovsky is a section of the State Museum of Cosmonautics History named after Tsiolkovsky. In this house, Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky had rented an apartment occupying the entire second floor for a year and a half (from April 1887 to autumn 1888). At the end of 60’s of the XX century, a Museum of Tsiolkovsky was opened here on a pro-bono basis. However, the museum stopped to exist after several years. On 19 September 1997 the house was restored and the museum was reopened. In this way, Tsiolkovsky returned to Borovsk, where he had passed his youth, started his pedagogic and scientific actions.



The museum-apartment familiarises its visitors with the life and work of Tsiolkovsky, the founder of theoretical cosmonautics. Before his arrival to Borovsk, Tsiolkovsky lived in Ryazan, Moscow, Vyatka. Visitors learn about the childhood and youth of the future scientist, get acquainted with the family of Tsiolkovskys. The exhibit of the museum will provide you an answer, why Kostya Tsiolkovsky could not pass the Vyatka Gymnasium, why he became solitary, alone, why Konstantin aspired self-education. The young man demonstrated independence, when he chose his profession. Materials from the exhibit of the Museum apartment tell about people of Borovsk, good friends and acquaintances of the young scientist, who helped and supported him. They include merchant N.P.Glukharyov, investigator N.K.Fetter, in whose house (according to memories of L.K.Tsiolovskya) there was a home library, “which was jointly organised by some progressive people” of Borovsk. Tsiolkovsky also participated in this. Together with I.V.Shokin Konstantin Eduardovich enjoyed photography, constructed and launched kites from a steep and deep gully over the Tekighensky gully. An exhibit devoted to pedagogic activities of Tsiolkovsky was opened on the second floor of the Museum apartment in 2003. It tells not only that Tsiolkovsky was a teacher, it familiarises with his pedagogic methods and principles.

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