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Monument to Tsiolkovsky

the Kaluga region, Borovsk, Sovetskaya Street

Pedagogic and scientific activities of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky started here in Borovsk. The apartment, were the family of Tsiolkovsky lived, houses a museum, and there is a monument to the space exploration theorist in the central square of the town.


The figure of Tsiolkovsky with a faraway look into the skies appeared in Borovsk on 17 September 2007. The monument was opened in honour of 150 years of the scientist. According to the concept of its author, sculptor Sergey Bychkov, the bronze scientist must stand in felt boots on his feet, but his look should be fixed on the skies, but more precisely on the “nose” of the rocket installed near the monument. A copy of this monument was installed in Brisbane, Australia, near the entrance to the Observatory on the Kutta Hill during Days of Russia in Australia.

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